every business needs to think of itself as an application company
Digital-first companies use modern apps to bring new functionality to market faster, meeting customer expectations for speed, agility, and scalability. To remain competitive, legacy organizations need to modernize both their applications and the platforms on which they run.
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When applications, platforms, and operations work together, anything is possible…
  • Improved customer experience
  • Simplified deployment of new features and capabilities to both customers and employees
  • Optimized cybersecurity and data protection
  • Future-proofed scalability, performance, flexibility, and high availability
To be successful, a technology modernization strategy must include:
Holistic Approach
Designing a personalized mix of interconnected cloud-native applications, platforms, and operations delivers a competitive advantage.
Modern Solutions
Incorporating the right mix of cloud-native development, DevOps, data lakes, containers, automation, and microservices creates a future-proof system.
Baking security into applications and platforms is a fundamental component of the architecture, tools, and processes.
Enabling interoperability between applications, systems, and networks produces data and analytics for effective decision-making.
CBTS understands that every company is unique
and a “one size fits all” solution is not the answer.
We take a holistic approach to application modernization that begins with:
reduction in costs can be achieved by modernizing applications
CIO Guide: The importance and benefits of application modernization
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Building an application modernization roadmap starts with assessing and documenting your current application environment. Next, CBTS will outline recommendations for modernizing apps based on your business’s strategic priorities.
Consider a plan to adopt DevOps best practices that drive a culture of business innovation and continuous process improvement.
Start with an assessment
of businesses are not harnessing the full potential of digital technologies
Modern digital technologies allow for the continuous deployment of new features, and cloud-native architecture enables better security, future-proofed scalability, performance, and high availability.
Our approach is to re-write, re-architect, and re-platform legacy apps into cloud-native applications with business outcomes at the forefront and security at the center.
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CBTS Managed Public Cloud Solutions on AWS
of large organizations in North America were breached at least once in 2020, and 59% in 2021
CIO’s definitive guide to safely migrating applications to the Cloud
Workloads must be securely migrated from one data center or cloud environment to another with as little impact on production as possible and in a secure and protected manner.
New application environments are designed and built based on your business objectives and preferred consumption models (cloud, hybrid, on-prem). Modernized applications are tested thoroughly and migrated securely into production with little to no impact to day-to-day operations.
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boost to annual revenue can be realized with successful modernization operations and management efforts
Application management is a complex and challenging process. Businesses that modernize their software discover that a managed services program is a valuable solution and investment.
Our team of experts monitors modernized applications and associated cloud and on-prem platforms to ensure peak performance and availability. Updates and patches are applied automatically to ensure ongoing compliance. And backup and recovery services, along with continuous security monitoring, provide powerful data protection.
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Case Study
Application development transforms customer experience
CBTS delivers modernized applications, scalable platforms, and optimized operations, all with integrated security
Modernized Applications
CBTS works with you to identify, develop, and migrate secure, cloud-native applications built for resiliency, scale, and speed to market.

Our solutions include:
  • Application modernization and migration
  • Cloud-native app development
  • DevOps and automation
  • No- and low-code development
Platform Innovation
CBTS modernizes existing infrastructure and builds new cloud-based environments optimized for automation and application delivery.

Our solutions include:
  • Cloud and infrastructure modernization (hybrid/public/on-prem)
  • Cloud communications and collaboration solutions
  • Secure managed networks (Network as a Service and SD-WAN)
Optimized Operations
CBTS designs agile processes for monitoring and supporting your critical IT infrastructure and business applications.

Our solutions include:
  • Infrastructure managed services
  • Hybrid cloud operations
  • Application management and support
Integrated Security
CBTS takes a holistic approach to cybersecurity when designing any solution for a client. We understand that effective security isn’t just about implementing the best technology. Establishing effective threat detection and response processes and constantly analyzing the threat landscape are critically important to protecting any technology environment.

Our solutions include:
  • Security assessments and penetration testing
  • Managed threat detection and response
  • Managed backup, disaster recovery, and patching
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