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for Application Modernization

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Building an application modernization roadmap supports the rapid creation, management, and maintenance so apps can safely run across disparate hybrid Clouds. This process is critical to achieving your digital transformation goals.

Updating software and legacy applications with new computing approaches can align operations more closely with current business needs. By starting with an assessment, we can identify areas where modernization is needed and develop a plan for implementing changes to improve efficiency, security, and performance to meet business objectives. This process includes an analysis of the technical capabilities, usability, scalability, and maintenance.

The good news is that rather than retiring an entire existing system, application modernization can extend the lifespan of current applications while taking advantage of recent innovations. Additionally, organizations benefit by being able to seamlessly integrate their existing applications while pivoting to meet current and future business needs.
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Consulting Engagement Model
The first step in any application modernization or digital transformation project should begin with a thorough assessment of your application stack and cloud architecture. It's essential to consider security in parallel, as modernizing an application without addressing security risks can leave it vulnerable to attack.
Phase I: Discovery
CBTS experts, through consultation with the client, assess the organization’s current-state and intended outcomes or business objectives.
Phase II: Strategy
Using CBTS philosophies, methodologies, and best practices, our consultants will custom design the architecture and implement steps and processes that will need to be taken by the client for the
desired outcome.
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at-risk entry points to your web and mobile applications Get Assessment
A successful roadmap begins with an assessment.
Where are you now, and where do you want to go?
CBTS-certified experts work in lock step with clients to build an application modernization roadmap that meets their objectives by assessing:
Business outcomes and
project/product purpose
  • Modern application consulting
  • Mobile application consulting
Technical priorities
and goals
  • Cloud strategy alignment
  • Tech stack alignment
  • Resource and skills alignment
  • Data management
  • Applications, APIs
  • Integrations
  • Security concerns
“Any successful digital transformation journey should always begin with an understanding of where you are today and where you want to go. Not all applications and workloads are designed to run optimally on any platform. Considerations for the expected utilization of these assets, the network connectivity needed, as well as security risks and vulnerabilities all need to be assessed. CBTS can help guide you on that transformational journey and get it right the first time.”
Justin Rice
Chief Solution Architect, CBTS
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