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Application management is a complex and challenging process. Many IT teams are happy to continue supporting existing applications and infrastructure. There are several reasons why:
  • Lack of resources, including time, money, and personnel
  • Risk of disrupting existing processes and the high cost of replacement
  • Bogged down by the maintenance and fixing of legacy systems has created technical debt
  • Not having the necessary skills and expertise to modernize applications
  • Fear of failure
  • Difficulty securing the essential resources and support from senior management

However, a managed services program offers a strong solution for companies of all sizes and industries. Outsourcing application management gives businesses access to specialized expertise, cost savings, and improved security.

So what’s holding organizations back from meeting their modernization objectives?
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Application management, managed cloud,
and security services
CBTS acts as an extension of your team, providing the ongoing support, maintenance, and continuous improvement of your applications and platforms, so your IT staff can focus on more strategic initiatives. Our flexible support models provide onshore, offshore, or nearshore resources based on your budget and operational requirements.
Application management services
  • Application monitoring and maintenance
  • Application release management
  • Quality assurance and testing
  • Database management
Cloud and infrastructure
  • Managed services
  • Managed backup and DR
  • Public cloud monitoring and management (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud)
  • Infrastructure monitoring and management
Managed security services
  • Vulnerability and patch management
  • Threat detection and response
  • Ongoing security assessments
  • Penetration testing
What are the benefits of using CBTS for managed services?
Enable IT staff to prioritize and focus on more strategic initiatives
Increase support reliability for applications regardless of company turnover/attrition
Boost development team morale by being able to focus on building essential products
Improve security posture with ongoing patching and detecting and responding to security threats
Implement dedicated incident, problem, and change management for applications and platforms
Case Studies
A payment card services company realizes digital-first strategy for rewards program supported by Application Management Services
An American multinational corporation specialized in payment card services. The company was founded in 1850 and is well-known for traveler's cheques, charge cards, and credit cards.
  • Company needed to improve card member experience during reward point redemption on their website.
  • Company was looking for an omni-channel digital solution for reward point redemption.
  • CBTS provided a fully-integrated scrum team to the client to build an e-commerce platform and architecture for the membership reward program.  Solution included design, application development, integration, and backend platform hosting.
  • CBTS provides ongoing support for a virtual retailer platform (VRP) for the site with administration rights that enable platform content and catalogue changes that is secured and audited. This functionality is used by business and marketing to manage marketing content, card member notifications, and promotions, as well as production support for support activities.
  • In just 5 years after launch, the platform had enabled more than 5 million card members to redeem more than 46 million reward points and overall member satisfaction had improved.
The popular pizza chain has been serving hungry customers for more than 30 years. The company’s customer-first approach and ability to continuously improve its operations to deliver delicious pizzas quickly has driven its expansion to more than 5,000 locations in 45 countries and territories worldwide.
  • Struggled to maintain outdated, disparate networking and communications systems. Systems had lengthy downtimes and inadequate bandwidth.
  • Required a modern, cloud-native IT architecture to keep up with evolving industry trends.
  • Individual franchisees were unable to provide standardized customer experiences.
  • Implemented scalable, cloud-native NaaS and UCaaS solutions across locations with analytics and Intelligent IVR built to enable ongoing improvement of the customer experience.
  • Oversaw installation, monitoring, and ongoing maintenance of data and voice solutions.
  • Developed a roadmap for continuous improvements and application modernization as needs evolve.
  • Achieved cost savings and improved bandwidth due to a future-proof cloud networking and communications environment.
  • Can now integrate new technologies and custom apps as needed.
  • Empowered to make data-driven decisions to improve the customer experience and the bottom line.
The client, founded in 1883, is the largest U.S. grocery retailer in the U.S. with over 3400 store locations.
  • Customers increasingly expect a personalized, omni-channel shopping experience.
  • Lacked the IT resources and network bandwidth to meet this increasing digital expectation.
  • Internal operations and supply chain system needed modernizing to meet their digital innovation time-to-market objectives.
  • Two CBTS agile scrum teams were deployed for greenfield development of an online ordering system with integration to a third-party automation platform.
  • A dedicated, high-bandwidth network environment was added.
  • Newly automated ordering system reduced fulfillment time for online orders from 1 hour to 5 minutes.
  • Modernized, cloud-native network environment minimized network downtime and outages.
  • Client was able to meet their innovation time-to-market objectives without disrupting core IT operations.
Parian dramatically improves reliability of e-commerce platform with Application Management Services
Parian is one of Canada's leading specialty apparel retailers. The Company today has over 280 stores operating under three divisions: Ricki's, Bootlegger, and Cleo. Stores are located in shopping malls and power centers across Canada, mainly in small to mid-size suburban markets.
  • Upgrade from legacy e-commerce platform with a robust and seamless e-commerce integration which connects in-store and mobile channels e-commerce platform to serve three brands (Ricki’s, Bootlegger, and Cleo) across the country.
  • Needed application stability with continuous monitoring and Improvement.
  • Recommended they migrate to Salesforce Commerce Cloud from their Elastic Path legacy Commerce solution, as well as integrate with Audience Studio, Einstein Visual, and Bazaar Voice.
  • Enhanced their order management system to integrate and stay up-to-date with e-commerce markets trends.
  • Ongoing application support needed for business critical bug-fixing and new features enhancement to ensure business continuity.
  • Year-over-year double digit commerce sales growth across all banners. 
  • Reduction in OpEx and increase in environment stability with public cloud-based hosting and application monitoring. Application availability and readily available support for all six time zones across the country.
First Transit (First Group) empowers citizen developers to advance business goals with custom Power Apps deployment
First Transit is part of First Group, a leading transport operator in the U.S. and UK. First Transit operates in more than 242 locations, and carries more than 300 million passengers annually throughout the United States.
  • The client needed to generate custom reports to support business objectives without using expensive developers and contractors.
  • The client wanted to empower business users to create apps to access data and reports on demand without involving IT.
  • CBTS Application Services designed a secure Microsoft Power Platform Framework to make app development easier, ensure governance, and empower “Citizen Developers.”
  • CBTS established proper controls and a Center of Excellence, allowing no-code/low-code development to obtain data and reports without risking security.
  • First Transit has the framework, processes, and policies to enable Power Platform application development.
  • First Transit can drive platform adoption without being restrictive by building in security, monitoring, alerts, and automated policies.