Case Studies

See how CBTS has helped clients achieve their business outcomes

Auto Retailer - NaaS
See how this Auto Retailer used Network as a Service to realize a cost savings of over 55%.
UCaaS Forest Hills
See how over 7,800 Forest Hills District students and administrators used   Unified Communication to increase collaboration.
Morehead State UCaaS
See how Morehead State University used Unified Communication as a Service to eliminate spending, upfront capital and cut all long distance expenses.
Fortune 20 UCaaS
See how this Fortune 20 company used Cloud Computing & Unified Communication as a Service to drastically reduce operational costs.
Fast Casual Pizza IaaS
See how the leader in
Fast-Casual Pizza is saving over 33% using 
Infrastructure as a Service.
Manufacturing NaaS
See how this Concrete Manufacturer used Network as a Service to save over 87% in network costs.
Financial Institution SIP
See how this Large Regional Financial Institution used SIP & Optical Networking to achieve $9 million in cost savings.
Auto Retailer NaaS
See how this Auto Retailer used Network as a Service to serve 16 sites.
F&M Mafco UCaaS
See how F&M Mafco used Unified Communication as a Service to improve call center reporting.
Manufacturing NaaS
See how this Manufacturing Firm used Network as a service to realize a 50% cost savings.
Integrity Express UCaaS
See how Integrity Express Logistics leverages Unified Communications as a Service for flexible and easy scalibilty.
Food Retailer NaaS
See how this Food Service Retailer uses Network as a Service to provide a uniform experience at individual locations.
UCaaS Motus
See how Motus used Unified Communication as a Service to improve communication with truckers.
See how KCTCS used Unified Communication as a Service to reduce costs on long distance calls. 
UCaaS State of Ohio
See how The State of Ohio used Unified Communication as a Service to update their antiquated phone system.
UCaaS Health Network
See how this Multi-State Health Network used   Managed Communications to manage legacy telephony equipment. 
IaaS Medical Manufacturer
See how a Global Medical Equipment Manufacturer used 
Infrastructure as a Service to build a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure. 
StaaS - Fortune 50
See how this Fortune 50 Company used Storage as a Service to reduce capital and deploy storage as needed. 
App Dev - America Risk Services
See how American Risk Services used 
Application Development to create a custom application and compete for larger business accounts.
Managed Services - Ascend Learning
See how Ascend  Learning used  Managed Services to reduce incident resolution times.