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Is Your Business Ready for the Cloud

Many businesses that adopted cloud computing have experienced an operational paradigm shift resulting in business agility, cost savings and IT innovations. According to Gartner, 77% of businesses will adopt cloud computing beyond 2017.
Businesses are discovering that transitioning to the cloud can help them achieve major business outcomes such as:
  • Reducing capital expenses on IT infrastructure
  • Removing the infrastructure management burden
  • Tackling your rapid storage and backup growth needs
  • Accelerating your go-to-market speed
  • Creating flexible workloads and an agile application development environment for faster delivery
  • Enabling IT modernization and innovation to gain a competitive edge


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Making the Transition to the Cloud 

Your business understands the importance of the cloud, but may still have questions.

  • What should be moved to the cloud and when?
  • How can we ensure the safety of our data and applications in the cloud?
  • How to navigate the world of vendors and open source?
  • How do we make the transition? 
  • How will we know what aligns with our organization's business goals?

Something Powerful

CBTS is Your Cloud Consultant

CBTS can be your one-stop shop and trusted partner on the journey to the cloud. We work with our customers to identify their business goals and develop ways to accomplish them. As your cloud consultant, we provide end-to-end design, build, and run services including:

  • Understanding your business goals and priorities
  • Assessing your IT environment for cloud readiness
  • Evaluating your security posture
  • Identifying strategic business applications
  • Creating a cloud roadmap
  • Designing, implementing and supporting a custom cloud solution for your specific business needs

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Our cloud solutions include: 

as a Service
Unified Communications as a Service
as a Service
as a Service
as a Service
Disaster Recovery
as a Service

CBTS is One of the Top UCaaS Providers

Many Fortune 100 companies, healthcare organizations, governments, and educational institutions have worked with CBTS on their cloud roadmap and strategy implementation. As one of the top 20 most promising UCaaS solutions providers named by CIO Magazine recently, CBTS has experience providing communications in the cloud to enterprises, governments and higher education for 17 years, managing more than 250,000 endpoints today. 




“The Bureau of Workers’ Compensation reports over 24 months that they saved nearly $1 million. The Office of Budget Management (OBM) reports that over this same period, the State of Ohio saved $6.8 million, again leveraging NGTS (a UCaaS solution provided by CBTS).”


-Stuart R. Davis, State CIO

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